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self_promotion's Journal

Self Promotion
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This is a community for self promotion. The original idea was for artists, models, photographers, web developers, actors, directos, agents, writers, etc. to exchange information. Post here to share about what you do. Post links to sites that would help other users promote their stuff (online art galleries, web sites taking writing submissions, etc.). Post questions about how to break into a business (acting, modeling, video games, etc.). Post about upcoming events in your area. Post about agencies/comapnies and your experience with them. Post links to your works for review. Post links to your web site.

Do not post your works here for review. Do not post any content (text, image or otherwise) that could be considered obsene or not work safe. Do not post rude or offensive entries/comments towards the group or any individual of the group. Do not steal.

Do let other people know what your talents are, what you do for a living, what you dream of doing for a living, what you do as a hobby, etc. Do let people know if you've found unauthorized use of their work. Do cheer people on: having an artist's soul can be very difficult sometimes. Do post job, contest, audition, etc. information and links. Do post URLs to your web site or business site.